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Matt & Andressa

Posted on March 19, 2014

 Blog Collage-1395197042475Once upon a time, a tall, goofy soccer lovin’ teacher man, met the sweetest most lovely beautiful Brazilian Au Pair in a Philadelphia parking lot. Love at first sight does in fact exist, people. And when you spend as much time with these two as I am lucky enough to do…you know what the real deal is all about. Matt is one of my very best friends is the whole world from back in our high school days,  and when he introduced me to Andressa, I was immediately in love with her too. And we all know that we give a good up-down to our best friend’s new arm candy when they arrive. But once in a while you get to come across the kind of people that are straight-up made of joy and goodness, and when you are around them, they make  you feel special, and wonderful. I know I sound like I am in love with them too, and you are right! I am so so so so happy for my friends.
We ventured out on a cold snowy day to capture their love. Did I mention, they are getting married this summer in a tiny little church on the coast of Brazil? Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Okay okay, it’s true I’m kind over-the-moon excited about this. We are ready for you summer!
So, after a long hiatus, from blogging (holy crap!) I’m hoping to get back on the horse and share many more stories like this from the past, present and future of this amazing job I have.




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Ben & Marie

Posted on October 9, 2013

To find the one that compliments you, that loves what you love, that wants to walk alongside you in life. And climb rocks.
Ben & Marie are an incredibly active couple. Besides climbing, they are bikers, runners and avid and amazing ultimate frisbee champions. Capturing the essence of my couples is always my goal, but it gets tricky sometimes…although I’m always willing to go to great lengths to do it.  We actually hadn’t solidified all the plans, but when they both got out their climbing shoes at the base of the trail to Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon woods in Philadelphia, I knew we were off to a good start. Ben & Marie are both from Philadelphia area, so shooting in a place that they love and have spent time rolling over the trail or bouldering the rocks was a great choice, not to mention absolutely beautiful.
These two are such a great match, and I’m so excited to be shooting their wedding in two weeks at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. It’s only fitting that people who love to climb rocks would want to throw a big party with the dinosaurs.
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Emily & Clay

Posted on September 2, 2013

Blog Collage-1378147794727
This post goes out to a very special couple.
Emily and Clay are the kind of pair you just love to be around. Their fun, active, healthy, love of the outdoors lifestyle is infectious, and I told them that right from the start. “Let’s be friends!” We had an amazing time shooting their engagement photos all over the city. Then when it came time to capture their wedding, it was one of those days that was so special, so down to earth – maybe because everyone was wearing hiking boots, or maybe just because you were witnessing the real thing. Real love. Real People.
They got ready in their center city home in different parts of the house. I would run back and forth to each one, and throw my energy into the moment, but no additional excitement was needed…they were each cool as a cucumber – and  just couldn’t wait to see each other. We set up their first look in the back patio, which was pure joy, tears and laughter all in one.  We then all rode off together with their dog Chloe to the Wissahickon woods to a beautiful little spot that they had chosen to read their vows in front of a small gathering of their best friends & family. Celebrations continued back at their house before we all walked as a group the two blocks over to their favorite Italian Restaurant in Center City Philadelphia.
Emily & Clay, please send the wedding Gods more people like you, my way. The truth is, I love all my couples and I’m so excited to get to share in such an awesome day with you…and after it’s all complete, we’ve formed a special bond. So whether as a friend or photographer, I’m always happy to see you again.
Happy Anniversary to you both. :)
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Bryant, Jenny & Joey

Posted on July 8, 2013

Bryant & Jenny are one of those couples that just represent Philly to me. Besides being the biggest Phillies fans I know…I’ve known them ever since my college days visiting my high school friends at Drexel. That’s how west Philadelphia ended up being my introduction to this marvelous city, and it always stuck with me. And thus, my love for Philly was born.
Bryant and Jenny now live in South Philly with their adorable little daughter, Joey.  And when I say adorable, I mean that she is quite possibly one of the happiest, cutest babies I have ever seen. She had so many amazing expressions, I just couldn’t get over it. Two happy people make a super sweet happy baby and I get the opportunity to capture a tiny little piece of their life. Yay!
We spent some time at their house, and then headed to the little neighborhood Park nearby. It was a great day, and I’m so excited to share a little bit of this lovely little family.
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Dylan, Karena & the Baby Bump!

Posted on June 20, 2013

Blog-Collage-1371751939635Two people making another person is just miraculous beyond belief…and then when those two people happen to be your best friends, that makes it even better!  So when Karena and Dylan and I headed out to take their baby bump photos, I couldn’t have been happier. Karena is the cutest little pregnant lady ever, and it was fun to capture this amazing time in our own backyard Bartram’s Garden and then a couple sweet shots back at their house. Dylan & Karena have great chemistry together – so sweet and tender, full of love and laughter.  It’s so much fun to capture their happiness.
This post comes just in time for little baby Valentine to arrive, and we all  wish you a safe and happy journey on your arrival. :)
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Kate & Oliver

Posted on May 21, 2013

Kate and Oliver just celebrated their one year anniversary, and I couldn’t be happier for them! They just bought a house, and are still the absolute cutest thing ever. I would know since I just ran into them the other week – or more like they spotted me! I was dancing on the balcony of an abandoned parking garage on Broad Street to Philly Bloco, a super fun Brazilian band during the International Festival of the Arts. True story! I was so excited to see them! It makes me so happy to see my clients out and about in Philly, being cute, enjoying life, and getting a kick out of me enjoying mine! I had climbed up there with a group of friends since from what I could tell – it was the best view to see the show. I suppose I’m always looking for the best position or perspective so that I can see what’s going on. And after all these years of being a short girl, that’s what I’ve always done…and it’s just one of those things that makes being a photographer that much more natural and fun.
As I’ve gone through these photos again, it just brings back lovely memories of their beautiful wedding day. Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia set the stage for an absolute perfect day, with pink and green sprinkled throughout the sun-filled afternoon. Kate had amazing details, and they are still some of my favorite to this day. I felt like I was shooting a wedding that was something out of Martha Stewart Living.  Their first look was full of anticipation and surprise, topped with excitement and emotion, which continued throughout the day, touching everyone’s hearts.
Pretty Pink Happiness. The end.
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