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Amber & Bart

Posted on December 1, 2014

Amber & Bart’s wedding was an amazing, inspirational day in the land of wedding photography. Just look at those faces. JOY I TELL YOU! That’s what it’s all about. The weather, the details, the friends, the family, the food, the venue, the band, and everything that they picked out was so incredible. Not to mention the fun, gorgeous couple that made it all happen. Their wedding day was filled with love, joy, sunshine, happiness, dancing and COLOR! So colorful! From Amber’s fuchsia orchid and orange lily bouquet, to the amazing up lighting at the Kimmel Center, to the lush green streets and urban murals that became our backdrop in this beautiful city. We shot their first look on the roof of the Double Tree Hotel, directly across from where they would later exchange vows and throw down a ridiculously awesome party.
They gave me full creative freedom in the hour 1/2 we had set aside for portraits to take them on walking route through Philadelphia that was sprinkled with some lovely little spaces of light and color that I was hoping we’d get to shoot in. Everything worked out wonderfully, and we ended the portrait session at a mural I had picked out for the Bridal Party Photos, which is probably one of my favorite bridal party shots ever. After a heart-felt exchange of vows and first kiss at the Epic Kimmel Center, Bart shattered the glass ceiling of awesome when he broke into the classic Italian love song ” That’s Amore.” He had mentioned to me that he was going to sing to Amber, so I would know to look out for it…. although I had no idea what to expect. Right on cue, he looked at Amber, then looked at the crowd, opened up his 6 foot 4 inch wingspan, and belted out, “When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amoreeeeee. ” Ohhhh my Lord – it was AMAZING! Amber’s expression is priceless, and EVERYONE began singing along, beaming ear to ear with happiness and song. Now that’s a way to throw a wedding! The party rocked all night with an impressive performance from their band, Brian Kirk & the Jirks. <—- Amazing. Amber & Bart wanted to make sure we captured the grandness of the Kimmel Center, and I think when we stepped out at the end of the night to get a couple portraits, we did just that. :)


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Fall Wedding Sneak Peeks

Posted on October 23, 2014

In case you missed it, here’s some of the highlights from this fall seasons’ weddings. Can’t wait to blog all these stories. :)

Katie & Henry – September 13, 2014Katie&Henry.SneakPeek


Cheryl & Kevin – September 20th, 2014 Cheryl&Kevin.SneakPeek

Laurel & Dan – September 27th, 2014


Erica & Rob – September 28th, 2014




Sara & David – October 4th, 2014Sara&Dave.SneakPeek Sara&Dave.SneakPeek2

Dana & Mike – October 18th, 2014Dana&Mike.SneakPeek

Laurel & Dan

Posted on September 26, 2014

Laurel & Dan are getting married this weekend, and I could not be more excited! I shot their engagement session back in the spring on a beautiful day in our  wonderful neighhorhood of West Philly. We spent some time in the sun at Clark Park, and then headed over to West Philly’s little slice of heaven in the Woodlands. Then we headed downtown to get to the heart of these lovely foodies. Walking into the Oyster house with these two – I was now entering an establishment with some serious VIPs.
I cannot wait to capture their wedding this weekend in the Catskills. Get ready for some seriously pretty stuff coming soon. :)


Laurel&Dan.0066 laurel&danblog.01  laurel&danblog.03 Laurel&Dan.0019 laurel&danblog.16 Laurel&Dan.0037          laurel&danblog.26 Laurel&Dan.0074 laurel&danblog.31 silo.0035 laurel&danblog.32 laurel&danblog.35 laurel&danblog.37 laurel&danblog.43 laurel&danblog.44       laurel&danblog.51

Kristianna & Brendan

Posted on September 16, 2014

Blog Collage-1411701690229
 Talk about a fun couple! Take a look. It all took place in Long Beach Island, NJ where Kristianna & Brendan met many summers ago and fell in love. LBI has a special place in my heart since it’s not only one of my favorite beach towns, but it’s where I shot my first wedding, and fell completely in love with wedding photography. Kristianna & Brendan’s day brought back fond memories of being barefoot on the beach, and running after a joyful couple riding bikes in the sun. Ahhhhhhh, my type of day!
I met Kristianna after photographing her sister, Kourtney’s wedding back in 2010. Their family was so lovely to work with, and I had been looking forward to our reunion!! I love when I get to keep photographing awesome groups of people when they refer me to their friends, siblings, etc.  It’s wonderful to be asked to come back and work with people you’ve made a connection with at previous weddings.
Like most wedding days,  dress and suits purchased, details arranged, guests invited with all the excitement and planning. But here’s what was so awesome about K&B- even all dressed up, make-up, hair shoes, the whole 9 – they were up for some fun and even a little risk! Because like every other day of their interesting and adventurous lives, they were into my ideas and let me run wild! And since I was actually running through traffic to try and capture them zipping around on their beach cruisers – I mean that quite literally! I was SO excited about having a wedding couple on bicycles – because if you know me, you know I love to incorporate bicycles into my photos!
Their first look was a sweet and touching moment on the porch of and old beach home that they had chosen for the wedding weekend. Family was sprinkled around, relaxing, adding to the beachy vibe that fit the day so well. After biking and exploring the bay, we headed back to to beach to get hitched. It was a touching service full of love. We spent some time capturing the magic hour of light and then onto the party! The percentage of wedding guests belting out songs and doing air guitars was incredible. I love these two, and I’m so happy to have been part of their amazing day. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Campbell! Can’t wait till the next one already. :)
Blog-Collage-1410883890246 Blog Collage-1410815553723 Blog Collage-1410815672316 Blog Collage-1410815765978 Blog Collage-1410815847225Blog-Collage-1410815970776Blog-Collage-1410816043462 Blog Collage-1410841794837 Blog Collage-1410842228387 Blog Collage-1410842339478   Blog-Collage-1410842430763Blog-Collage-1410843042308 Blog-Collage-1410842573321   Blog-Collage-1410842975933  Blog-Collage-1410843172900 Blog-Collage-1410843236055Blog-Collage-1410843399685  Blog-Collage-1410843454217 Blog-Collage-1410886117848 Blog-Collage-1410843582712    Blog-Collage-1410844127389Blog-Collage-1410886852158Blog-Collage-1410887735259 Blog-Collage-1410844156082 Blog-Collage-1410844194884   Blog-Collage-1410844468407Blog-Collage-1410884074071  Blog-Collage-1410844728679Blog-Collage-1410887287194Blog-Collage-1410885575550 Blog-Collage-1410845022832Blog-Collage-1410884899374         Blog-Collage-1410847230227Blog-Collage-1410885859795  Blog-Collage-1410845505611 Blog-Collage-1410845627641 Blog-Collage-1410845847854 Blog-Collage-1410845955923Blog-Collage-1410886529760     Blog-Collage-1410847967253Blog-Collage-1410885925343 Blog-Collage-1410847843879

Rachel & Patrick Sneak Peeks!

Posted on September 15, 2014

Loved the time I had to work some magic with these two. Thank you so much for that, Rachel & Patrick. Amazing people right here.


 Katie&Henry.SneakPeek.005 Katie&Henry.SneakPeek.004

Amber & Bart – Wedding Sneak Peek!

Posted on August 19, 2014

These two!! Amazing couple, amazing day, amazing adventures in the city, amazing venue, amazing end of the night shot this past weekend! So excited to tell more about this wonderful couple. Congratulations!! :)






Tom & Rena

Posted on August 6, 2014


Being a wedding photographer is special, and I’ll tell you why. I have the opportunity to participate in a very important day for two people who have found each other. I think I am starting to have an idea myself of what that means, but since I’m not married, I suppose I will truly understand it when I’m there. What I can tell you is that when I see it –  this admiration, respect, and love that my couples have for one another… it makes me appreciate the work I do. It makes me happy that Tom & Rena are so right for each other, and that I get to have a glimpse into who they really are. Each time I photograph a wedding, I am celebrating life with people – and that’s pretty wonderful.
It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Their priest, a good friend of Tom’s from St. John’s the Evangelist was charismatic, well-spoken and funny…and he knew the couple well. He read letters that he had asked them to write on why they wanted to marry the other. Little did they know that he was going to read the letters out loud to the congregation. It was fun to see so many expressions of joy as we all learned what they loved about each other.
I was really excited that they decided to walk from the church to Washington Square park to meet their guests after the ceremony…because that meant my options for photos had completely changed, and I would now be in a position to make use of Center City Philadelphia along the way. This is my job – to think on my feet, look for color, look for light, see compositions, but also just capture the moments in between. Keep it natural. Keep their trust. Be a guide, but be open to the day unfolding as it will. Scott Adams wrote, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is know which ones to keep.” Keeping that in mind allows me to really go for it. Each and every wedding, I try to make it awesome.
Tom & Rena are not the type of couple that are typically used to lot of attention, and  I could tell at one point that they just wanted to be together… just some quiet time to take it all in. It is important for me to stay tuned in to my couples, to read them, and keep a balance of what I want to achieve creatively as their wedding photographer, but also remember that this is their day, not mine. I am there to visually tell a story in the most beautiful way I can… and if I am given the time, I will run with it and make the best use of any and all opportunities throughout the day to create beautiful images. And that’s what it’s all about – the balance, the creativity, the real moments, the people that we are celebrating. It’s very special, and I am so happy that this is the work that I get to do.




Blog-Collage-1407258323239  Blog-Collage-1407258735980Blog-Collage-1407258542688 Blog-Collage-1407259158037 Blog-Collage-1407259224603  Blog-Collage-1407268736044Blog-Collage-1407331574829 Blog-Collage-1407337397478  Blog-Collage-1407269000005  Blog-Collage-1407332907736Blog-Collage-1407331675469 Blog-Collage-1407269243602 Blog-Collage-1407269578594 Blog Collage-1407269613775 Blog-Collage-1407270067132  Blog-Collage-1407336528506 Blog-Collage-1407270156626Blog-Collage-1407271034930 Blog-Collage-1407339153383 Blog-Collage-1407270601118 Rena&TomWeddingSneakPeek   Blog Collage-1407271446680Blog-Collage-1407271639832 Blog-Collage-1407272751467Blog-Collage-1407332513450    Blog-Collage-1407273177264 Blog-Collage-1407273271717 Blog-Collage-1407332633741 Blog-Collage-1407273306859 Blog Collage-1407273415920 Blog-Collage-1407273319149 Blog-Collage-1407273485233  Blog-Collage-1407273656570 Blog-Collage-1407273760967 Blog-Collage-1407273871067 Blog-Collage-1407274067302 Blog-Collage-1407331497547 Blog-Collage-1407274323094 Blog-Collage-1407274472470 Blog-Collage-1407274501980 Blog-Collage-1407274615391 Blog-Collage-1407274762690  Blog-Collage-1407274912923

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