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Tai & Chris – one of my favorite days.

Posted on December 3, 2015


TAi and Chris 52Tai&Chris.SneakPeek


This one is really fun. :)
It was one of those days, where you sit back and think….I have a really cool job. I remember trailing behind Tai and Chris passing back and forth the bottle of Champagne in their canoe… beer lodged in between my feet, and long lens in my hands. There were so many amazing moments, I just needed my trusty canoe captain (Chris’s best friend, who generously offered to be the sole paddler) to steer me in the right direction.
I met Tai in my first year shooting weddings. She was the maid of honor for one of my most memorable couples that year, Emily & Clay.  Sometimes you really connect with people, and you are like…um, can we please be friends? Friend crush.Truth be told, that happens with a lot of my couples, and it’s one of my favorite things about my job. Actually, scratch that, it is my favorite thing about my job. Granted, I like that I found a way to use my creativity to do something meaningful, and make awesome images…but I love so so so so much the connection with new people. So a few years later when Tai & Chris got engaged, I was over the moon with excitement when she reached out.
Imagine how much that excitement doubled, no tripled (!) when she told me the plan. Her wedding would be split into two days, one small intimate day with their immediate family near her grandparents home, followed by an afternoon canoeing down the river. With beer, and champagne, and music. “So, in your wedding dress?” “Yes! I think I might even get in! Omg Omg…. coolest bride ever. “Is that going to be okay for your camera equipment?” She asked. “Like, getting in a canoe on the river?” My answer every time to any couple wanting to take it to the next level, is YES!” Every time. If you want me to ski down a mountain or get in a canoe I will do it! High risk, high reward. And there’s nothing more exciting to me than a couple who is into that.
Before the ceremony we were climbing trees (amazing!), and after the ceremony we were in the river. And as you can see….I mean IN the river. Tai brought this gorgeous little parasol and the light was perfect and she was perfect and I was having one of those experiences, like is this really happening? Am I really shooting a beautiful girl in the river with these colors and this light? Wow. “Yay for this day….yay that is my job!” I’ve included some behind the scenes shots of me, just because I want to share how much I love what I do, and was particularly loving it with Tai and Chris. Baby turtles taking flight, and family laughing the day away to the sounds of Led Zeplin and Bob Dylan on a sunny, summer day floating down the river in Princeton, NJ. Yes please and thank  you.
A month later, the larger celebration began for these two adventurous souls, and they surprised me once again with their positivity and happiness. It rained most of the day, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the swinging, volley-balling, and face painting fun. It was exactly what they wanted. I had to strongly suggest that Tai wait until we took a few pictures to get her face painted…she was so excited about it. Chris was excited to take his shirt off. I think that’s my favorite part about weddings these days…people are not afraid to do what fits them. And I am just so incredibly thankful that they ask me to come along and document their awesome story.



TAi and Chris 1 TAi and Chris 2 TAi and Chris 2 TAi and Chris 8TAi and Chris 6 TAi and Chris 9 TAi and Chris 11 TAi and Chris 13 TAi and Chris 15TAi and Chris 12TAi and Chris 17TAi and Chris 18 TAi and Chris 19 TAi and Chris 20 TAi and Chris 21 TAi and Chris 22 TAi and Chris 24 TAi and Chris 25Tai&ChrisWedding_410 TAi and Chris 26 TAi and Chris 27 TAi and Chris 28 TAi and Chris 29 TAi and Chris 31 TAi and Chris 32 TAi and Chris 34 TAi and Chris 35 TAi and Chris 36 TAi and Chris 38 TAi and Chris 40 TAi and Chris 41 TAi and Chris 42 TAi and Chris 43 TAi and Chris 44 TAi and Chris 45 TAi and Chris 47 TAi and Chris 48 TAi and Chris 49 TAi and Chris 50 TAi and Chris 52 TAi and Chris 53 TAi and Chris 54 TAi and Chris 57 TAi and Chris 58 TAi and Chris 59 TAi and Chris 62 TAi and Chris 63 TAi and Chris 64 TAi and Chris 65 TAi and Chris 66 TAi and Chris 67 TAi and Chris 68 TAi and Chris 69 TAi and Chris 70 TAi and Chris 73 TAi and Chris 74 TAi and Chris 76 TAi and Chris 77 TAi and Chris 78 TAi and Chris 79 TAi and Chris 80 TAi and Chris 81 TAi and Chris 82 TAi and Chris 83 TAi and Chris 85 TAi and Chris 86

Megan & Brenden’s Philadelphia wedding on the Moshulu

Posted on October 23, 2015



Megan & Brenden’s gorgeous wedding day was jam packed with non-stop adventuring with one of the most off-the-hook parties I have ever photographed. I had an incredible team with me that day (thanks Annie & Dan!), but even with three photographers, we were put to the challenge to cover all the energy and happenings going on. I was literally hanging from the rafters swinging out into the crowd to capture the insane energy as the dance party roared on. It was a beautiful day, and Brenden picked Megan up about 84749585 times out of sheer joy and excitement. Also, when you are a rugby player that can easily pick up your girl with ease, I will likely encourage that as much as possible. :)
Megan & Brenden exchanged vows at Philadelphia’s historic Old St. Joseph’s church, and then after adventuring all over Queen Village and Spruce Harbor Park (with a quick game of skee ball!) we headed to their epic, legendary landmark party spot. ‘The Moshulu is the world’s oldest and largest square rigged sailing vessel still afloat. She is in fact the one and only restaurant venue on a Tall Ship today in the World.” You can read more about the history of the Moshulu here: http://www.moshulu.com/history.html. I should also mention the Moshulu is also comes with some of the nicest staff most impressive offering of delicious food and drinks I’ve seen in a long time. The sun sparkled off the water and streamed onto the deck as the dances and toast began…and it was pretty much magic.
As the party rolled on, so too were some special on site hand-rolled Cortez cigars… a present from Megan to Brenden, it was a special touch to the top deck goers who were taking a break from the non-stop dance party below by their fantastic band, Chico’s Vibe. It gave us a chance to grab some special sunset/evening shots, and a sweet moment setting off a special lantern into the sky for Megan’s Mom. Guests were offered Philadelphia water ice and soft pretzels for late night snacks as they grabbed a sparkler to see off this couple off style. It was quite the wedding folks. I needed to sleep for about 4 days after this one. But it was incredible, and I personally consider the awesome team of planners at Eastern Shore Events and my amazing photo team top dog rock stars for the non-stop party ship we sailed into the night. Check out it for yourself!




megan and brenden blog 10


megan and brenden blog 55


megan and brenden blog 90


megan and brenden blog 46


megan and brenden blog 47


megan and brenden blog 48


megan and brenden blog 50


megan and brenden blog 52




megan and brenden blog 6 megan and brenden blog 2


megan and brenden blog 9


megan and brenden blog 5


megan and brenden blog 57


megan and brenden blog 59


megan and brenden blog 8


megan and brenden blog 7


megan and brenden blog 60


megan and brenden blog 63


megan and brenden blog 65


megan and brenden blog 67


megan and brenden blog 69


megan and brenden blog 70


megan and brenden blog 72


megan and brenden blog 71


megan and brenden blog 92


megan and brenden blog 75


megan and brenden blog 76


megan and brenden blog 96




megan and brenden blog 82


megan and brenden blog 83




megan and brenden blog 11


megan and brenden blog 85


megan and brenden blog 86


megan and brenden blog 87


megan and brenden blog 35


megan and brenden blog 17


megan and brenden blog 14


megan and brenden blog 89


megan and brenden blog 20


megan and brenden blog 23


megan and brenden blog 30


megan and brenden blog 15


megan and brenden blog 12



megan and brenden blog 13


megan and brenden blog 9


megan and brenden blog 11


megan and brenden blog 33


megan and brenden blog 37


megan and brenden blog 36


megan and brenden blog 19


megan and brenden blog 18


megan and brenden blog 38


megan and brenden blog 39


megan and brenden blog 40


megan and brenden blog 41


megan and brenden blog 42


megan and brenden blog 43


megan and brenden blog 3


megan and brenden blog 4


megan and brenden blog 29


megan and brenden blog 21


megan and brenden blog 26


megan and brenden blog 24








Laurel & Dan’s Wedding in the Catskills

Posted on September 24, 2015



Laurel & Dan’s wedding is too lovely not to revisit, and this time of the year is so incredibly beautiful….I wanted to remember it too. Like many of the weddings I shoot, I just wish we could do it all over again and go back to that awesome, magical day. Set in the beautiful Catskill mountains at a private home with a sweet little lily pad pond, these two celebrate their love with all their favorite people. Their ceremony was one of the most heart-felt, emotional ceremonies I have ever witnessed. Everything was so personal, so sweet and so special. I felt so special to be a part of it. I also really enjoyed taking all these beautiful pictures. I hope you like them too.


Laurel and Dan Blog 7 Laurel and Dan Blog 1 Laurel and Dan Blog 2

Laurel and Dan Blog 42
Laurel and Dan Blog 4Laurel and Dan Blog 6 Laurel and Dan Blog 8Laurel and Dan Blog 9 Laurel and Dan Blog 17

Laurel and Dan Blog 18
Laurel and Dan Blog 11

Laurel and Dan Blog 6 Laurel and Dan Blog 5
Laurel and Dan Blog 13
Laurel and Dan Blog 15

Laurel and Dan Blog 19 Laurel and Dan Blog 20 Laurel and Dan Blog 21 Laurel and Dan Blog 22

Laurel and Dan Blog 24
Laurel and Dan Blog 26 Laurel and Dan Blog 27

Laurel and Dan Blog 37 Laurel and Dan Blog 38 Laurel and Dan Blog 39 Laurel and Dan Blog 40 Laurel and Dan Blog 41
Laurel and Dan Blog 43
Laurel and Dan Blog 28 Laurel and Dan Blog 29

Laurel and Dan Blog 32
Laurel and Dan Blog 34Laurel and Dan Blog 31 Laurel and Dan Blog 30

Laurel and Dan Blog 33 Laurel and Dan Blog 35

Lydia & Tushar

Posted on August 26, 2015

Lydia & Tushar rocked their wedding in style. It was colorful, cultural, warm and inviting, fashionable & fun. These are all the words that come to mind when I think back on their awesome day in Philly.  And although I wish I could have been at their wedding in India as well… I was pretty excited to rock the American celebration by taking them to some EPIC Philly spots. Can you guess where the one above was? It was one of those magical moments when everything just worked out and we got that mural all to ourselves after exploring some familiar tiny streets, and gorgeous museum grounds. Just another day in awesome wedding world land. :)
Lydia and Tushar 1 Lydia and Tushar 2 Lydia and Tushar 3 Lydia and Tushar 4 Lydia and Tushar 5 Lydia and Tushar 6 Lydia and Tushar 7 Lydia and Tushar 8 Lydia and Tushar 9 Lydia and Tushar 10 Lydia and Tushar 11 Lydia and Tushar 12 Lydia and Tushar 13 Lydia and Tushar 14 Lydia and Tushar 15 Lydia and Tushar 16 Lydia and Tushar 17 Lydia and Tushar 18 Lydia and Tushar 19 Lydia and Tushar 20 Lydia and Tushar 21 Lydia and Tushar 22 Lydia and Tushar 23 Lydia and Tushar 24 Lydia and Tushar 25 Lydia and Tushar 26 Lydia and Tushar 27  Lydia and Tushar 29 Lydia and Tushar 30 Lydia and Tushar 31 Lydia and Tushar 32   Lydia and Tushar 35 Lydia and Tushar 36 Lydia and Tushar 37  Lydia and Tushar 39 Lydia and Tushar 40 Lydia and Tushar 41 Lydia and Tushar 42 Lydia and Tushar 43   Lydia and Tushar 46 Lydia and Tushar 47 Lydia and Tushar 48 Lydia and Tushar 49 Lydia and Tushar 50 Lydia and Tushar 51  Lydia and Tushar 53     Lydia and Tushar 58 Lydia and Tushar 59 Lydia and Tushar 60 Lydia and Tushar 61 Lydia and Tushar 62  Lydia and Tushar 64 Lydia and Tushar 65 Lydia and Tushar 66Lydia and Tushar 63 Lydia and Tushar 67 Lydia and Tushar 68 Lydia and Tushar 69 Lydia and Tushar 70

Ann Marie & Jon

Posted on July 24, 2015

Ann Marie and Jon 31


When I first met Ann Marie & Jon, their joint wedding email came over as JAM…and when I met them… they explained the acronym that their friends lovingly address them by. I loved it too, and it was hard not to start every email with, “What’s up JAM!?” I also found out they have really good taste in music, have two big awesome dogs, like to run marathons, and take dance lessons.  I knew I was going to have fun with them.


So on a beautiful spring day at the College of Physicians in the middle of Philadelphia these two tied the knot. And there was lots of big smiling. And happy people. And kids in strollers awesomely photo bombing. And crazy dancing. And a great start to the 2015 wedding season had begun. :)



Ann Marie and Jon 1Ann Marie and Jon 2Ann Marie and Jon 8Ann Marie and Jon 9 Ann Marie and Jon 6     Ann Marie and Jon 12Ann Marie and Jon 13 Ann Marie and Jon 7   Ann Marie and Jon 10   AnnMarie&Jon.Wedding_165 Ann Marie and Jon 14 Ann Marie and Jon 15  Ann Marie and Jon 17 Ann Marie and Jon 18 Ann Marie and Jon 19 Ann Marie and Jon 20  Ann Marie and Jon 22 Ann Marie and Jon 23 Ann Marie and Jon 24 Ann Marie and Jon 25JAM.SneakPeek.001final Ann Marie and Jon 26AnnMarie&Jon.Wedding_522 Ann Marie and Jon 27  Ann Marie and Jon 29    Ann Marie and Jon 33 Ann Marie and Jon 34    Ann Marie and Jon 38Ann Marie and Jon 35  Ann Marie and Jon 37Ann Marie and Jon 40Ann Marie and Jon 39Ann Marie and Jon 36

Kristen & Christian

Posted on July 2, 2015

Kristen & Christian 20



Once upon a time I lived with two sisters…in a house beside a house with two sisters in the center of a city. We broke down the rickety old wall between the back patios (literally) and thus began a super fun time of some single ladies on an adorable little block called Mole Street. That’s where it all began. At least for me and Kristen. She moved to Philly (I think largely upon my suggestion, or at least I’d like to think so) when deciding where to go to grad school. Her sister Kara and I were room mates in college, and when the house next door to mine happen to come up for rent, I called upon the Howland sisters to make a move – and I’m so glad they did!!
Kristen & Christian’s romance began sometime in that era…the Mole Street era as I’ll call it. Christian was just about to embark on an epic entrepreneurial journey to China, but their connection was strong, and upon his return, these two were the newest new couple on the block. To say that Kristen and Christian are adventurous would be an understatement in describing their lust for life. They do more traveling than most people I know – and so it was only fitting that Christian finally popped the question in Paris, France earlier this year. These two are the team to beat every time at yard games, the king and queen of weekend trips, staying active and working to live rather than living to work.
So although I wanted them to go climb a mountain or jet ski on a lake, or take me with them to another country to photograph their engagement session, we went to the beach, which is pretty much the next best thing. The light was stunning that evening…ah the light, the pretty pretty early evening light with a sunset to knock your socks off. It’s great to see your friends that you’ve known forever fall into place when it’s their turn for wedding photography fun. And although there was some prompting which may have resulted in some face-licking, or ear-smelling…I think the end result here is pretty awesome.  :)





Kristen & Christian 2 Kristen & Christian 3 Kristen & Christian 4 Kristen & Christian 5 Kristen & Christian 6 Kristen & Christian 7   Kristen & Christian 14Kristen & Christian 10 Kristen & Christian 11     Kristen & Christian 16    Kristen & Christian 29Kristen & Christian 32  Kristen & Christian 21  Kristen & Christian 23 Kristen & Christian 24      Kristen & Christian 30       Kristen & Christian 37 Kristen & Christian 38   Kristen & Christian 41    Kristen & Christian 45   Kristen & Christian 48Kristen & Christian 46

Emily & Ryan

Posted on June 23, 2015

emily and ryan 12


I can’t help but want to blog this sweet little wedding. It was perfect. I rode my bike to Emily & Ryan’s that day, gear in tow with the help of my my handy and cute assistant, Brian. (Otherwise known as my boyfriend and best assistant ever.) The light was beautiful, the colors were vibrant and love was abundant everywhere. All 12 people that were there to celebrate this intimate celebration played an influential part in the day. After an adorable first look in the backyard at their home in West Philly, we headed out to the Wissahickon where Emily and Ryan had their first date. After an emotional and joyful ceremony at the top of an outlook over the river, we headed to their other favorite spot…Lee Cultural Soccer fields where they met on a co-ed team that they still play on together (and kill it!). No wonder Emily has such killer stems! Dang girl!
Sometimes weddings are on the books for a while…and sometimes you run into your friend on the trolley who needs a wedding photographer in a couple weeks…and I love that. :)
emily and ryan 5 emily and ryan 20emily and ryan 21 emily and ryan 18 emily and ryan 19emily and ryan 22 emily and ryan 23emily and ryan 24emily and ryan 1emily and ryan 25emily and ryan 3emily and ryan 7emily and ryan 8emily and ryan 9emily and ryan 16  emily and ryan 14  emily and ryan 2

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