I really like my clients. Have I ever mentioned that? I mean, I really do, and it makes everything  so great. It’s so much fun to experience all the different types of ways people celebrate their wedding day. A unique story becomes their own unique celebration as they start their lives together as husband and wife. Yay!


Jenny and Greg got married in the beautiful rolling hills of Alpine Lake, West Virginia. During the entire car ride down, I couldn’t stop singing, “country road, take me home…to the place I belong!” I’m pretty sure the people in my car had just about enough, but I couldn’t help it…it’s so pretty down there…. (and a great song!) And when it came on during the Mother/Son dance, everyone at the wedding broke out into unified chorus, myself included.  So much fun. Jenny and Greg gave me lots of time to run around the grounds with them and capture some amazing shots, which I love them for! The sun came out, and aside from Jenny and her Dad getting stuck out on the Lake for the grand entrance of “walking down the aisle,” or more like, ” scootering across the lake,” the day just opened up for us, and was absolutely breath-taking.


The friends, family, colors, food, music and dancing all contributed to some serious fun. The party just couldn’t be stopped! I’m pretty sure the DJ announced that it was the last song at least 3 times, and then would hit up some throwback from the late 90’s would get that, Oh My God – yes (!) reaction from the crowd. Good times. Great people.




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