Blog Collage-1395197042475Once upon a time, a tall, goofy soccer lovin’ teacher man, met the sweetest most lovely beautiful Brazilian Au Pair in a Philadelphia parking lot. Love at first sight does in fact exist, people. And when you spend as much time with these two as I am lucky enough to do…you know what the real deal is all about. Matt is one of my very best friends is the whole world from back in our high school days,  and when he introduced me to Andressa, I was immediately in love with her too. And we all know that we give a good up-down to our best friend’s new arm candy when they arrive. But once in a while you get to come across the kind of people that are straight-up made of joy and goodness, and when you are around them, they make  you feel special, and wonderful. I know I sound like I am in love with them too, and you are right! I am so so so so happy for my friends.
We ventured out on a cold snowy day to capture their love. Did I mention, they are getting married this summer in a tiny little church on the coast of Brazil? Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Okay okay, it’s true I’m kind over-the-moon excited about this. We are ready for you summer!
So, after a long hiatus, from blogging (holy crap!) I’m hoping to get back on the horse and share many more stories like this from the past, present and future of this amazing job I have.




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