Hello hello!
Welcome to my blog! This is where I’ll begin to finally share the stories about the images I create, so my first post will share my story.
Becoming a wedding and portrait photographer happened very naturally. As photography kept presenting itself in my life, it lead me on a journey to learn more about myself, and over the years I began to embrace the role it would play. Ten years ago, I spent a summer photographing families and children on the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland. With the sunshine on my side and some extra enthusiasm, I learned that my best qualities came out when I was photographing people. It was those moments with new families and friends that I felt most fulfilled.
When I moved to England, and traveled through Europe for the first time, I had the opportunity to connect with even more amazing people. This opened up my world. A couple years later I was again pulled toward a new cultural experience when I decided to volunteer in South America. I worked with an incredible program called Fairmail, teaching photography to under-privileged teenagers in Peru. What I wanted to impart to these teenagers was that they focus on how to approach people and how to connect with them…my ingredients to success.
I’m told that my energy and enthusiasm for my work makes my clients feel good about our time together, which ends up creating really great images. This makes me so happy, and I’m the first one to express that joy when I glance at the back of my camera. It is my passion as a photographer to uncover the beauty of real people and raw, true moments. Sometimes, these moments are seen by all, and sometimes they are in small and intimate settings. I care about people, and enjoy celebrating who they are and who they will become. I’m always excited to have the opportunity to tell a new story.
I’ll end this message with one of my favorite quotes from a great yoga teacher that has really hit home for me this year. ‘You are engineered and designed perfectly for your unique mission in life. You have been given just the right set of skills, placed into the proper circumstance, and graced with the appropriate challenges needed, for you to learn the lessons that will help you to succeed. When you are living with purpose, life burns that much brighter.’
Thanks for reading!
Let the storytelling begin.