Bryant & Jenny are one of those couples that just represent Philly to me. Besides being the biggest Phillies fans I know…I’ve known them ever since my college days visiting my high school friends at Drexel. That’s how west Philadelphia ended up being my introduction to this marvelous city, and it always stuck with me. And thus, my love for Philly was born.
Bryant and Jenny now live in South Philly with their adorable little daughter, Joey.  And when I say adorable, I mean that she is quite possibly one of the happiest, cutest babies I have ever seen. She had so many amazing expressions, I just couldn’t get over it. Two happy people make a super sweet happy baby and I get the opportunity to capture a tiny little piece of their life. Yay!
We spent some time at their house, and then headed to the little neighborhood Park nearby. It was a great day, and I’m so excited to share a little bit of this lovely little family.
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