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Charlotte & Brian’s Wedding at the Philadelphia Racquet Club

Posted on June 22, 2016


Charlotte and Brian Blog 30


Charlotte & Brian gave me so many amazing opportunities to take unique and beautiful photos every time we were together. From their engagement shoot in Hickory Run State Park, to an amazing day at the Philadelphia Racquet Club and a stroll down to Rittenhouse Square , to their sweet and emotional vows, ¬†photography has always been really important to them, and of course, that makes my heart sing! It was a beautiful day, and they were just so so so so so so happy. I’ve never seen a dress move like Charlotte’s – it flowed through the air like a dream, so dancing throughout the day served the purpose of amazing photos and practicing their epic first dance. But I think my favorite dance of all them was the one they did at the end of the night on Broad Street! Holy amazing you guys!
Charlotte and Brian, thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your story.


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Megan & Alex

Posted on June 23, 2014


Megan & Alex might be one of the most smiley, natural, laid back couples I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. Take a look, and tell me that joy and happiness isn’t written all over this amazing day. They had so many special, personalized details that contributed to the combination of Irish Catholic and Chinese wedding celebrations. We met up for their first look at Washington Square Park, where Megan stopped a little girl in her tracks (or on her scooter) to come over and gush at what I’m sure she thought was a real live princess. She couldn’t help but reach out for a hug from such a pretty lady. ūüôā One of my favorite parts of the day, was that Megan & Alex decided to walk down the aisle together. Best friends, and already 10 years partners in life- they were going to take this next step and long walk down the aisle of¬†Saint Rita of Casia Shrine Chapel hand in hand as they approached the beautiful alter. It was perfect. We then ventured to FDR Park, and then onto a very South Philly celebration at Growlers Pub. Tecate’s in hand they they danced in the street, seeing neighbors and friends who happened to be passing by. It was wonderful day, all very close to home for this couple who I am so happy to call my friends.


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Bryant, Jenny & Joey

Posted on July 8, 2013

Bryant & Jenny are one of those couples that just represent Philly to me. Besides being the biggest Phillies fans I know…I’ve known them ever since my college days visiting my high school friends at Drexel. That’s how west Philadelphia ended up being my introduction to this marvelous city, and it always stuck with me. And thus, my love for Philly was born.
Bryant and Jenny now live in South Philly with their adorable little daughter, Joey.¬† And when I say adorable, I mean that she is quite possibly one of the happiest, cutest babies I have ever seen. She had so many amazing expressions, I just couldn’t get over it. Two happy people make a super sweet happy baby and I get the opportunity to capture a tiny little piece of their life. Yay!
We spent some time at their house, and then headed to the little neighborhood Park nearby. It was a great day, and I’m so excited to share a little bit of this lovely little family.
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Dylan, Karena & the Baby Bump!

Posted on June 20, 2013

Two people making another person is just miraculous beyond belief…and then when those two people happen to be your best friends, that makes it even better!¬† So when Karena and Dylan and I headed out to take their baby bump photos, I couldn’t have been happier. Karena is the cutest little pregnant lady ever, and it was fun to capture this amazing time in our own backyard Bartram’s Garden and then a couple sweet shots back at their house. Dylan & Karena have great chemistry together – so sweet and tender, full of love and laughter.¬† It’s so much fun to capture their happiness. This post comes just in time for little baby Valentine to arrive, and we all¬† wish you a safe and…