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This post goes out to a very special couple.
Emily and Clay are the kind of pair you just love to be around. Their fun, active, healthy, love of the outdoors lifestyle is infectious, and I told them that right from the start. “Let’s be friends!” We had an amazing time shooting their engagement photos all over the city. Then when it came time to capture their wedding, it was one of those days that was so special, so down to earth – maybe because everyone was wearing hiking boots, or maybe just because you were witnessing the real thing. Real love. Real People.
They got ready in their center city home in different parts of the house. I would run back and forth to each one, and throw my energy into the moment, but no additional excitement was needed…they were each cool as a cucumber – and  just couldn’t wait to see each other. We set up their first look in the back patio, which was pure joy, tears and laughter all in one.  We then all rode off together with their dog Chloe to the Wissahickon woods to a beautiful little spot that they had chosen to read their vows in front of a small gathering of their best friends & family. Celebrations continued back at their house before we all walked as a group the two blocks over to their favorite Italian Restaurant in Center City Philadelphia.
Emily & Clay, please send the wedding Gods more people like you, my way. The truth is, I love all my couples and I’m so excited to get to share in such an awesome day with you…and after it’s all complete, we’ve formed a special bond. So whether as a friend or photographer, I’m always happy to see you again.
Happy Anniversary to you both. 🙂
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