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 Talk about a fun couple! Take a look. It all took place in Long Beach Island, NJ where Kristianna & Brendan met many summers ago and fell in love. LBI has a special place in my heart since it’s not only one of my favorite beach towns, but it’s where I shot my first wedding, and fell completely in love with wedding photography. Kristianna & Brendan’s day brought back fond memories of being barefoot on the beach, and running after a joyful couple riding bikes in the sun. Ahhhhhhh, my type of day!
I met Kristianna after photographing her sister, Kourtney’s wedding back in 2010. Their family was so lovely to work with, and I had been looking forward to our reunion!! I love when I get to keep photographing awesome groups of people when they refer me to their friends, siblings, etc.  It’s wonderful to be asked to come back and work with people you’ve made a connection with at previous weddings.
Like most wedding days,  dress and suits purchased, details arranged, guests invited with all the excitement and planning. But here’s what was so awesome about K&B- even all dressed up, make-up, hair shoes, the whole 9 – they were up for some fun and even a little risk! Because like every other day of their interesting and adventurous lives, they were into my ideas and let me run wild! And since I was actually running through traffic to try and capture them zipping around on their beach cruisers – I mean that quite literally! I was SO excited about having a wedding couple on bicycles – because if you know me, you know I love to incorporate bicycles into my photos!
Their first look was a sweet and touching moment on the porch of and old beach home that they had chosen for the wedding weekend. Family was sprinkled around, relaxing, adding to the beachy vibe that fit the day so well. After biking and exploring the bay, we headed back to to beach to get hitched. It was a touching service full of love. We spent some time capturing the magic hour of light and then onto the party! The percentage of wedding guests belting out songs and doing air guitars was incredible. I love these two, and I’m so happy to have been part of their amazing day. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Campbell! Can’t wait till the next one already. 🙂
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