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My heart was beating so fast as I kept looking toward the South entrance to city hall. With two huge lenses hanging from my side, I clearly had a purpose, but somehow kept getting in the way of all the folks trying to take their yearly selfies and portraits in front of the Christmas Tree.
Another text……they were parked and now walking! I had my perfect shot all set-up, but a large group of tourists happen to step into my composition as Ryan and Meghan stepped through the South entrance to City Hall.
They were SO cute. I suggested he take some deep breaths, chat a little while I move around upon their arrival. Ryan told me he had asked Meghan’s parents for permission to marry their daughter in that very spot, not long ago, and thought the location would create a fun story and natural introduction to his big surprise for her that day.
People passed in front, behind, and through my shots as Meg’s face changed with so many fantastic expressions of disbelief and joy…but I didn’t mind, it just added to the realness of where we were. The family walking in with kids on their shoulders in the background created the perfect dark color to make the ring pop in the shot as Ryan went down on one knee. One of the guys lifting his arm up in celebration. Behind the lens, I was loving every moment…it was so happy and exciting! Meghan’s happy face told it all. He then picked her up with one arm several feet about the ground with a solid embrace that I can only imagine made time stand still for those two. Cheers and clapping commenced and I ran up to give them a hug and introduce myself to Meghan. “Yayyy!” What would I do without the word, “yay!?” I don’t know. It’s always perfect.
We took a couple quick shots in and outside of City Hall, and they were on their way to celebrate with a whole party full of people to share the good news. I strolled down to the Christmas Village in the sunshine with a huge smile on my face. What an amazing thing. I was invited to capture the beginning. The very beginning of something wonderful. What an incredible job I get to do.
Feeling thankful and grateful for new year of new beginnings, documenting life’s most precious moments and most wonderful stories.
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