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Kristen & Christian

Posted on July 2, 2015

Kristen & Christian 20



Once upon a time I lived with two sisters…in a house beside a house with two sisters in the center of a city. We broke down the rickety old wall between the back patios (literally) and thus began a super fun time of some single ladies on an adorable little block called Mole Street. That’s where it all began. At least for me and Kristen. She moved to Philly (I think largely upon my suggestion, or at least I’d like to think so) when deciding where to go to grad school. Her sister Kara and I were room mates in college, and when the house next door to mine happen to come up for rent, I called upon the Howland sisters to make a move – and I’m so glad they did!!
Kristen & Christian’s romance began sometime in that era…the Mole Street era as I’ll call it. Christian was just about to embark on an epic entrepreneurial journey to China, but their connection was strong, and upon his return, these two were the newest new couple on the block. To say that Kristen and Christian are adventurous would be an understatement in describing their lust for life. They do more traveling than most people I know – and so it was only fitting that Christian finally popped the question in Paris, France earlier this year. These two are the team to beat every time at yard games, the king and queen of weekend trips, staying active and working to live rather than living to work.
So although I wanted them to go climb a mountain or jet ski on a lake, or take me with them to another country to photograph their engagement session, we went to the beach, which is pretty much the next best thing. The light was stunning that evening…ah the light, the pretty pretty early evening light with a sunset to knock your socks off. It’s great to see your friends that you’ve known forever fall into place when it’s their turn for wedding photography fun. And although there was some prompting which may have resulted in some face-licking, or ear-smelling…I think the end result here is pretty awesome.  🙂





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A Christmas Proposal – Ryan & Meghan

Posted on January 2, 2015

My heart was beating so fast as I kept looking toward the South entrance to city hall. With two huge lenses hanging from my side, I clearly had a purpose, but somehow kept getting in the way of all the folks trying to take their yearly selfies and portraits in front of the Christmas Tree. Another text……they were parked and now walking! I had my perfect shot all set-up, but a large group of tourists happen to step into my composition as Ryan and Meghan stepped through the South entrance to City Hall. They were SO cute. I suggested he take some deep breaths, chat a little while I move around upon their arrival. Ryan told me he had asked Meghan’s parents for permission…

Samantha & Byard

Posted on March 15, 2013

This is the story of Samantha & Byard’s wedding journey with me. When I work with a new wedding client, we often end up spending over a year together. Not literally, but from the time we say, ‘let’s do this!’ to the time they walk down the aisle…we stay connected, maybe get together and take some awesome engagement pictures, and talk about all the plans and ideas for the wedding along the way. I met Samantha in a silkscreen printing class a couple years ago at the Fleisher Art Memorial where I’d been taking classes ever since I moved to Philly. I’ve always enjoyed taking classes to keep my mind working in creative ways to come up with new ideas for my photography.  Samantha was working on a really cool piece incorporating all things iconically Philly into a print of the skyline.  It seemed fitting that everything Samantha and Byard chose for their wedding highlighted the meaningful connections they have here in Philly, and I was quite happy to be a part of that.

Their engagement session was nothing shy of that same theme. We spent the afternoon in South Philly, enjoying the tastes and colors of the Italian Market, and even made a stop at Philly’s famous Cheesesteak Meca.  These photos are so telling of them, and their relationship. Sweet, subtle, colorful and kind. They are some of my favorites to this date, so I’ve included a couple to start telling their story.

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And then, on one of the most beautiful winter days ever, they got married! Looking quite fabulous all over Philadelphia’s historic Society Hill and Old City neighborhoods I might add as well. They are just absolutely lovely, and the photos are here to prove it.
On their wedding day, when the horse drawn carriage pulled up, I just felt like we were all in a fairy tale. Better believe I absolutely ran alongside the carriage the entire way, jumping in and out from one carriage to the other to get some close-ups. It was so much fun. When we arrived at the Church, it was adorned in beautiful  Christmas Poinsettias, and for this very special event – they actually lowered the Chandelier and lit up about 50 real candles for the wedding service. My goodness. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Their reception was held at the Power Plant Productions – which is basically a huge photography studio! How cool! Jose Garces Events blew everyone away with some of the most beautiful and delicious food you could ever image at a wedding, and there were about 6 secret service men standing among the crowd since Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was there dancing the night away  since he just happens to be family… No big deal. What an event!

At the end of the night, my partner in crime, and amazing second photographer that night, Russ Hickman and I explored the studio hallways and discovered some really cool colors that would be perfect for that end of the night shot. Samantha & Byard, as always, were up for some exploring too, and we ended our photography era just the way we started it, super cool, colorful, creative, and all to the tune of real love.