I am so excited to finally share the story of two of my favorite people in the world, Andressa & Matt. Happiness and love follow them wherever they go, which is why I was thrilled when they asked me to capture their wedding story. Celebrating in Brazil was so special, with the most loving collection of incredible people. The week-long festivities began in Curitiba, where Andressa went to school, and the veiw from their 14th floor apartment set a beautiful scene of this delightful city. The festivities continued as a small group of family and friends traveled by ferry to a remote island off the coast, called Isla de Miel – ‘Honey Island’. After two days exploring, hiking and swimming, I now know why Matt & Andressa say it’s their favorite little peace of heaven.


On the day of the wedding, the sun was beaming through the palm trees at their charming boutique venue set in the mountains of Mojites, Brazil. Gorgeous colors and textures everywhere! So many great moments happen on a wedding day that are not part of the script, that are the moments in the prep that show the energy and excitement of the beginning of the day. I love when I have the time to explore and relax with the bride (and groom) and tell the story of the day from start to finish. While Matt and the guys enjoyed the ‘futebol’ field, I found a sweet little red outdoor garden house that I knew would be perfect for Andressa to get ready. The light in this little house was incredible, and Andressa didn’t bat an eye when I suggested we move from her larger cabana. Some of my favorite getting ready pictures ever! Take a stunning bride in a sexy little number in colorful little room filled with beautiful light, and you have a photographer’s dream come true. And when the moment came for these two to see each other for the first time…well, see for yourself. I found a sweet little spot in the trees… my favorite place wherever I am. Their expressions say it all. A 1950’s black car delivered them in style to the adorable little town of Antonina, where the historic white and yellow church sat at the top of the town overlooking the ocean. The celebrations continued back in Mojites at Hakuna Matata, and we danced the night away. A fairy tale story come true for these two. He’s her perfect man, and she’s his dream girl.


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